Co-managed Backup and Disaster Recovery


There is a long list of mundane tasks that pre-determines your ability to either recover and move on from a ransomware attack/natural disaster or struggle and suffer negative business consequences.

It’s not enough to simply back up your servers and critical data sources. Backups need to be checked for successful completion, and errors must be resolved. Regular recovery testing needs to be performed to ensure a successful backup job is also a recoverable backup of your systems. Backup storage (whether on local devices, in the cloud, or both) must be procured, managed, maintained, and expanded as data grows.

While critically important, these tasks are typically tedious and time-consuming. Highly skilled IT professionals dislike spending hours on them every week, and it’s easy for more strategic projects to push backup administration tasks to the back burner.

Here are some of the scenarios where our Co-managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services can benefit your organization.
  1. Ransomware readiness
    Our cloud-first data protection architecture reduces the size of your ransomware attack surface by keeping the backup application and your primary backup storage off your local network and out of the reach of ransomware that may be lurking there.
  2. Lost files or folders
    File-level recoveries are the most common, and by working with us, your end users can quickly get what they need without troubling your busy IT staff.
  3. Natural disasters
    When fire, flood, or storms threaten, you can focus on keeping your people out of harm’s way. We’ll help you recover and work remotely while cleanup and facility repairs are underway.
  4. Equipment failures
    Whether aging equipment fails or external factors like power surges, theft, or physical damage take your servers or workstations out of service, we can help you quickly recover from your most recent backup to new equipment, so you don’t miss a beat.
  5. Accidental deletion of Microsoft 365 data
    Critical data stored in SaaS applications like Microsoft 365 can still be vulnerable to human error, accidental deletion, or malware. We can help protect your data and recover it just as quickly from there as from your on-prem devices.
Download our Co-managed Data Protection PDF to learn more.

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