Protect Your Business from Irrecoverable Data Loss

Your data is fine - until it isn’t. Files or email accounts have disappeared due to security incidents such as ransomware, business email compromise, or malicious insiders. Or perhaps you just want to recover deleted data that’s gone for good, since it exceeds the Microsoft 365® data retention policy.

This could be a moment when your business shines if you’re using Backup for Microsoft 365®. This online backup service protects your Microsoft data in several scenerios. Files accidentally or maliciously deleted? Emails needed from an inactivated former employee's account? SharePoint site deleted several years ago? All of these issues are solvable swiftly with Backup for Microsoft 365.

Buy the end-to-end solution that will protect your business, give you peace-of-mind, and make it easier for you to protect and recover all of your Microsoft 365 data.

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