There was a time when Mac computers were thought of as having relatively few viruses, malware, and other dangers.
Today, Mac and Apple devices are targets for cybercriminals of all stripes-from lone-wolf hackers to cybercriminal syndicates and even rogue nation-states.
Unprotected Mac and Apple devices are now being leveraged as the weak link in otherwise secure hybrid networks.

No business can afford to leave paths of vulnerability open to exploitation.
Recent news reports vividly display the shifting landscape of Macs and Apple device security did a Mac malware roundup for 2021. The malware that most negatively impacted Mac users included ElectroRAT, Silver Sparrow, XcodeSpy, ElectrumStealer, WildPressure, and others.1
CNN reported that nearly 30,000 Macs in 153 countries were infected with malware in February 2021 alone2 
The 2022 Threat Review demonstrated that malware was detected 164 million times on Macs in 2021.3
Some of your employees work best in an Apple environment. Let us secure that workflow.
Whether your business runs entirely on Mac and Apple devices or you have some employees who are more productive working on their Mac devices, our team can help you protect their data-and your broader network.

Download our PDF on Mac and Apple Management to learn more.
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