IT Management and Security for Architectural Firms

The Frustrations Caused by Needless IT Speedbumps, Roadblocks, and Downtime

Unplanned downtime and ongoing computer problems can slow you down, delay projects, and harm your firm’s reputation.

It doesn’t take a massive cyber breach to hold back the projects that you’re working on for your clients. Unmanaged IT systems can rob you of precious minutes throughout the lifespan of a project, adding up to real money and significant lost productivity.

The answer to unreliable computing environments is our mManaged IT sServices offering. It’s a proactive approach to maintaining and securing IT systems while monitoring them continuously for any sign of a problem. When a potential issue is flagged, our team works behind the scenes to address that concern to help stop the issue from negatively impacting your processes and productivity.

The Threats Faced by Architectural Firm IT Systems

Your profitability is tied to the functionality of your computers, tablets, smartphones, and cloud assets. Protecting your IT is protecting your profitability.

Because so much of your daily work is driven by and creates data, it’s critical that any vulnerabilities in your IT system be addressed. Whether your data is data related to your internal processes, confidential client information, or work product, that data must be stored and backed up on devices and in a system that is secure.

Our team works with our architectural clients to locate, categorize, and secure their operational, workflow, and client data. We do this by deploying a full array of top-shelf cybersecurity tools and protocols that form a multi-layered approach to locking down everything from your laptop computers to your cloud-based virtual machines. Regular, automated, offsite data backups conducted by our IT security specialists help keep your data safe and available to you if needed.

Digital Transformation— — More than a Buzzword

Leveraging new, tested, and trusted technologies can speed up workflow, enable a better IT security posture, and facilitate more robust remote work.

 You have data coming into your office on an hourly basis— - everything from materials specifications to project timelines and client feedback. Some days, it’s a trickle of data; other days, it’s a tsunami. Much of that data you are already capturing through the array of applications available in the market. But because data is the most valuable commodity in business, the important question is whether you are utilizing digitization to your benefit and profit.

Our executive IT consultants work with business leaders in the AEC industry to help them leverage their data. This maximization of the business value of your data is accomplished through digitization, automation of manual tasks, and integration of formerly disparate systems/applications. Digital transformation of architectural workflow allows your employees to work smarter and your architects to collaborate more easily.

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