IT Services for Property Management Companies


Leverage high-impact IT to meet owner and tenant expectations

Meeting the expectations of both owners and tenants can be a challenging balancing act. Fortunately, technology has made property management easier and more efficient.

But that technology must be managed, maintained, monitored, and secured. Keeping your tech running and protected is extra work that you and your team shouldn’t have to do.

You’re likely already utilizing industry-standard technologies to help you communicate and collaborate with owners, tenants, and employees while managing and maintaining the properties in your care.

But while you’re managing properties, who is optimizing and securing your office and mobile technology? We can help.
Our team’s top services for property management firms

Without comprehensive and proactive IT management, your property management firm risks inefficiency and a security deficit.

We don’t want either of those things for our property management clients. We work diligently to provide them with IT environments that are fortified and streamlined. Here are the top services we use to keep property management firms like yours running at full speed.
  • IT maintenance and management
  • IT support and troubleshooting
  • Cybersecurity assessments and management
  • Strategic IT consulting and planning
  • 24/7/365 IT monitoring
  • Data backup and disaster response
  • Mobile device management
  • Business continuity strategy and management
Securing the data of your company, your tenants, and your clients

Because of the amount of confidential data within your databases, it’s important to mitigate your risk of unauthorized data access.

We leverage a full stack of IT security tools and protocols to help you protect your data and company reputation.
But it’s not just about stopping cybercriminals from stealing the confidential information of your tenants and owners. It’s about protecting your company from ransomware that can bring operations to a halt and cost you big money in ransom or remediation efforts. Our top-flight IT security efforts help you avoid the pain associated with ransomware.
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