IT Support and Cybersecurity Management for Insurance Companies, Local Branches, and Brokers


Think for a moment about an oak tree waving in a gentle breeze under a warm summer sun. 
That’s you and your staff in your insurance business.
Now, think about the roots of that tree—not seen, but still providing resources for the tree’s above-ground systems to function well.
That’s us.
We’re the team that works in the background, supplying an IT environment for you protected by industry best practices and cutting-edge cybersecurity protocols. We’re the specialists that respond quickly and appropriately if there’s an issue and give you easy-to-understand answers for your everyday IT questions.
We don’t have to tell you that the IT systems within the insurance industry are both complex and constantly targeted by cybercriminals. This level of challenge has drawn us to serve this highly regulated industry. Our IT specialists have built a reputation of excellence in the field over the years and we’re proud to offer our services to you.
IT maintenance and management
Cybersecurity assessments and management
Strategic IT consulting and planning
IT compliance management
24/7/365 IT monitoring and troubleshooting
Data backup and disaster response
Business continuity strategy and management
Large insurers are quickly moving into cutting-edge technologies and omnichannel environments. While these new capabilities will give them—and you—the ability to serve clients in new, better, and more personalized ways, they come with a security downside. 
More tech requires a higher level of security management and vigilance. Although much of that technology will be on the insurance company’s home office IT systems, it’s imperative that your systems do not become the weak link. Let us help you lock down operations and client data.
Learn more by downloading our IT support for insurance PDF.

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