Whether your team is full of die-hard Mac and Apple users or leveraging a mixture of both Windows and Apple environments, you need it all to work flawlessly.
The security and management of Mac computers and Apple devices alongside Windows and cloud-based assets can be complex.
Let our team step in.
We take care of the operational monitoring, management, and security of your Mac computers and Apple devices-but not just your macOS and iOS machines. 
At the same time, we’ll care for any Windows workflow/infrastructure you may have comprehensively and cohesively.
Secure, maintain, and streamline your Mac and Apple devices at the same level as your Windows machines
Mac computers have a reputation for high reliability. But still, they’re made up of plastic, metal, and human-generated code. Machines can break down and attackers can still try to take advantage of them. 
Mac computers aren’t immune from disaster
Unmanaged/unpatched Mac computers and Apple devices pose a risk of data loss and security incidents
Malware attacks on Mac computers have increased1
Bad actors can exploit unsecured Mac computers and Apple devices to invade your network
Time Machine is susceptible to infection and can fail
Mac and Apple management is the answer
Guard against emerging Mac malware, viruses, and ransomware
Protect your data and recover quickly with file recovery
Gain granular control and visibility across your entire IT environment
Easily deploy and manage Apple devices for remote workers
Keep Mac users productive by avoiding unplanned downtime

Lean on our team for immediate, remote assistance and ongoing care of your macOS computers along with your iOS and Windows devices.
Download our PDF on Mac and Apple Management to learn more.
1(Source: - accessed 2022-11-07)

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