Your Real Estate IT Environment Contains Mission-Critical Data and Private Client Information

Protect your data with advanced, enterprise-level cybersecurity tools and protocols.

Because of the personal data collected from your clients and the money involved in property sales, the real estate industry is disproportionally targeted by cybercriminals. They want access to the PII of your clients, especially their financial data, so they can sell it on the dark web. 

Our team utilizes a full stack of enterprise-grade cybersecurity tools combined with industry best practices to provide you with an IT environment (in the office and mobile) that is protected from threats like ransomware, hacks, and phishing.

Real Estate Tech is Evolving at Full Throttle: Are You Prepared?

Knowing what new technologies to adopt and having the resources to manage and maintain those technologies is critical to the success of your digital transformation strategy.

It seems that there are new technologies being introduced to the real estate industry every month. Some of these advances are being transferred over from other industries and applied to the real estate market. Other solutions that are being developed are bigger, faster, better versions of tech already in place and trusted in the industry. 

Either way, you need expert IT  consultants on your side that can help you vet technologies that could potentially be introduced into your IT environment. We can help you make informed decisions surrounding the adoption of new technologies.

Are You and Your Employees Using Valuable Time Doing Your Own IT Maintenance?

Your time is too valuable to spend on endless computer updates, upgrades, and security patches. Let us take that off your plate.

Everyone wants a healthy work-life balance. But if you’ve got to spend time after work tackling computer management tasks, it’s taking you away from things that are more important to you. 

Real estate companies like yours partner with our firm to take on the ongoing management, maintenance, and security tasks of their IT environment. The advantage of this partnership is that you are able to free yourself from the tech stuff that you don’t want to do while having confidence that our team is quietly taking care of it all behind the scenes.  

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