Exploring the Scope of IT Services: Why Your IT Partner Can't Handle Everything Digital

Written by Zarbtech

Written by Zarbtech

04 November 2022
Exploring the Scope of IT Services: Why Your IT Partner Can't Handle Everything Digital

In today's world, IT services have become an essential part of every business. From managing data to streamlining workflows and increasing productivity, IT services have proven to be a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes.

With this increase in technology, other industries have emerged such as Digital Marketing, and we are often asked if we can help with services such as website building, SEO, and the like. However, there are several key differences between IT services and other industries such as digital marketing that set them apart.

What are IT Services?

IT services refer to the use of technology to manage, store, and process data. These services can include hardware, software, and network systems to support a company's operations. Some common IT services include:

  1. Network support and maintenance:  This includes managing and maintaining a company's computer network infrastructure, ensuring that all devices are connected and working correctly.
  2. Cloud computing:  This refers to the use of remote servers to store, manage, and process data instead of relying on local servers or personal computers.
  3. Cybersecurity:  This involves protecting a company's network and data from cyber threats such as hacking, malware, and phishing attacks.
  4. Help desk support:  This involves providing technical support to employees when they encounter issues with their computer systems or applications.
  5. Data backup and recovery:  This refers to the process of creating backup copies of data and systems to prevent data loss and recovering data in the event of a system failure.

Differences between IT Services and Digital Marketing

While both IT services and digital marketing are essential components of modern businesses, there are several key differences between them.

  1. Focus: IT services are primarily focused on managing and maintaining a company's technology infrastructure, while digital marketing is focused on promoting a company's brand and products through online channels.
  2. Skillset: IT professionals require technical skills such as programming, network management, and cybersecurity, while digital marketers require skills such as search engine optimization, content creation, and social media management.
  3. ROI: The return on investment (ROI) for IT services is often measured in terms of increased productivity, streamlined workflows, and reduced downtime, while the ROI for digital marketing is often measured in terms of increased website traffic, lead generation, and sales.
  4. Scope: IT services can cover a broad range of areas such as hardware and software management, cybersecurity, and data analytics, while digital marketing is typically focused on specific areas such as search engine optimization, social media management, and email marketing.


In today's digital age, businesses rely heavily on IT services to manage their operations and stay competitive. While IT services and digital marketing share some similarities, they have distinct differences that set them apart.

Understanding these differences is crucial for businesses looking to implement effective IT and digital marketing strategies. Ultimately, a well-rounded approach incorporating IT services and digital marketing can help businesses achieve their goals and thrive in today's ever-evolving business landscape If your current challenges require additional expertise, we are always happy to introduce you to other businesses that can provide better assistance.

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