Microsoft Cloud Services

Agile and secure cloud services are essential to any business working online, this way you can keep all your hard work in the cloud for easy access for all your employees while maintaining control over your systems.

With remote working, collaboration, and security at the forefront of modern business operations, more and more businesses are making the move to outsource their computing workload to a cloud-based system.

This allows for teams to collaborate in real-time and regardless of location, making for a more efficient and productive workforce.

If you’re not already working within a cloud-based environment, it’s time to get started.

Managed Microsoft Services

Our expert team will help you to revolutionise the way you work, whether you’re new to cloud services or looking to boost productivity and streamline your workflow.

Zarbtech can help your business get the most from Microsoft 365. To best deal with the challenges faced in business today, we implement the Microsoft 365 Business Premium as standard for our customers.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium suite provides a comprehensive identity, security, and device management solution, with Office apps and Microsoft Teams.

Enable secure remote access to critical work apps from anywhere to help ensure business continuity while reducing costs with the following benefits:

  • Help protect identity and access management
  • Help defend against cyber threats and safeguard business data
  • Help secure personal and company-owned devices

Our team will work with you to set up and maintain your policies allowing you to run your business without the stress of keeping your environment up-to-date and secure.

How can Microsoft Cloud Services Benefit my Business?

Microsoft offers a broad range of cloud services that allow businesses to work securely without being bound by physical location.

We will help you to implement and maintain Microsoft Cloud Services to assist your business with all your computing, storage, analytics, and network requirements. 

Whether you have specialised needs or compliance requirements, or need flexibility from your IT infrastructure, we can help you to build your environment to improve your processes and working operations.

Keeping your Data Secure

Although moving your data from on-site servers to the ubiquitous and somewhat vague notion of “the cloud” might seem scary, we make it simple by offering Zarbtech Cloud Backup. By combining the security features of Microsoft to help prevent Cyber Attacks and Data Leaks, alongside a robust Backup and Recovery plan, you can feel confident that your data is secure in the cloud.

Cloud Benefits

  • Connect

    Allow your staff to collaborate effectively from wherever they choose to work. Cloud services also have the ability to connect and interact with numerous other services so you can create a cohesive hybrid working environment.

  • Protect

    If security isn’t a top priority for your business already, it’s time to put it in first place. Keep your data safe and secure with Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

  • Scale

    Cloud Services can be scaled alongside your business, and give you the flexibility and control to change and evolve your use to suit your circumstances as they change. Whether you are looking to condense or expand or have an elastic workforce, we can scale your cloud services with you with very little cost or effort.

Security is a Priority

As a specialist IT managed services provider, we understand the need for exceptional security to protect data and thwart attackers. Following industry best practices, we can configure your Microsoft 365 environment to suit your needs, keeping your business safe and compliant.

Keep your business Running Smoothly

Find out how we can support you in doing better business and help protect you from threats. Call 1300 049 059 or use our contact form to get in touch with Zarbtech today.

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