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Doesn’t Microsoft 365 provide all the data backup my business needs?

Ever wonder what happens to your company’s mission-critical data when you’re working with business productivity suites like Microsoft 365?
You’re likely aware that Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based system and that your data is stored on the Microsoft cloud.

What you may not yet know is that Microsoft 365 Business Standard only keeps your data for up to 30 days. After that, your data may not be recoverable.
Our data protection service is the answer to your Microsoft 365 data retention needs

In its Services Agreement1, Microsoft recommends that data in its application be backed up. Here are five ways you could beat risk for data loss: 
1. Human error: Accidental data deletion can be a problem
2. Insider threats: Disgruntled employees can do a lot of damage by deleting data
3. External threats: Hackers can delete or encrypt your data (ransomware)
4. Non-compliance: Audits and non-compliance fines can be expensive
5. Weakened continuity strategy: Lack of data retention can hinder the effectiveness of a business continuity plan
Keep and recover your data for 83 months

Our Data Protection Services offer you up to seven years of data retention with regular, automated backups throughout your workday. We provide robust backup and protection for your company data.

While Microsoft is good at what they do (business productivity apps) for users of the business standard edition, they leave backup to professionals like us. Our mission is to help keep your business running at full throttle by giving you ongoing access to the data you rely upon for productivity and profitability.
Learn more by downloading our Data Protection PDF.
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