Employees are often the weakest link in an organization's fight against ransomware, phishing attempts, and malware exploits. With cyberattacks becoming more common and increasingly sophisticated, organizations have a responsibility to train their employees on cybersecurity risks and best practices in order to help protect their networks and data.

Protecting your business now requires your employees to be savvy in using email, applications, and the internet. If an employee's personal information is compromised in a data breach, it could have serious consequences for both the employee and the organization. Being cyber aware can help employees protect their online privacy and security, as well as that of the organization.
8 things your employees can do right now to be more cyber aware
1. Use strong passwords and never reuse them
2. Enable two-factor authentication whenever possible
3. Be careful about what information they share online
4. Keep software and operating system up to date
5. Be aware of phishing scams and never click on links or attachments from unknown senders
6. Use a VPN when connecting to public Wi-fi networks
7. Encrypt sensitive data before storing it or sending it electronically
8. Don’t use unauthorized applications―downloaded, online, or in the cloud
By taking these steps, employees can make a difference in the fight to protect both their own privacy and any customer data you hold in your databases.
Turn your employees into your first line of defense against cyberattacks
Zarbtech provides comprehensive cyber awareness training and consulting that covers everything from understanding password security to recognizing phishing scams. We also offer ongoing support and guidance to help employees stay updated on current cybersecurity threats. 
Let us help you give your employees the information they need to help you protect your business.
For more information download our Cybersecurity Awareness PDF

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